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Guide to Freight by Type

Unloading freight

RSJ International Freight provide services for a number of different freight types. below a guide to a number of the different types of freight by product and an insight into each.

Business Opportunities in Canada is the focus of our latest piece for this month as we look at the products you can export from this region.

Industrial Freight logistics: Moving industrial freight is more complex and requires even more attention that standard freight planning. Read a guide to moving Industrial Freight Consignments.

If you are interested also in reading books on the industry, there are some great freight books out there worth buying, We select a few of our favourite freight related books.

Shipping companies come into touch with such as diverse range of products which need to be moved. Some of these items can be very prestigious and need extra sensitive care and this includes art as freight.

Moving Oil Equipment freight: Moving oil equipment requires well managed freight logistics and often requires the freight to be shipped. Read more about oil equipment freight.

If you are interested in dealing with high end freight in the form of expensive and big stones such as diamonds, then a good starting point can be to visit the Bangkok Gems Fair.

Moving Freight by Rail in the USA - A number of products including include agricultural products, industrial chemicals, fertilizers and food products. More on , Moving Freight by Rail in the USA.

Latvia is not everyone's first choice of places to seek business but there are nonetheless, some great opportunities in Latvia for imports and exports.

Thailand is a fascinating country when it comes to imports and exports given the wide of range of high quality products which one can import from the country. More on export opportunities in Thailand.

This month we take a look at North America and moving freight by Rail in the USA.

Belgium is not the first country many people think of when considering international business opportunities but Belgium has some interesting products including diamonds and raw materials which are popular with traders.

If you are looking for an opportunity to imports goods from abroad,, you might be interested in our thoughts on 5 Products worth importing from Taiwan.

If you are involved with doing business in France, you might be interested in some tips on dealing with the Parisian business culture.

Freight Technologies continue to help the industry move forward and make tasks such as tracking easier for freight forwarders.

Moving oil rig parts is something we get requests for quite often and this is of course more than possible, The shapes and size of some of the parts can be a challenge but is always possible.

Intermodal freight and Logistics is the combination of different transport forms to move freight; taking its name from the intermodal containers. Read more about Intermodal freight and Logistics. It is often necessary to combine rail and road or air and land transport to get freight from A to B. A lot of freight movement involves transporting goods across international borders and across various types of terrain and this intermodal freight way of moving things means that products can be transported across great distances and from door to door.

There are several Freight related associations based in the UK and together they help to maintain standards within the freight business sector. Find out about the main freight organisations in the UK.

Yachting and Boating Freight: It is common for us to get calls to move boats as we have recently been requested to do for the Woodvale challenge in the Pacific. Moving various types of water based freight such as canoeing, boating and sailing equipment is common. Read more about Yachting and Boating freight

In difficult economic times, the challenges in the Freight Industry will always be tough but hopefully for most us, manageable. Here we look at the challenges facing the freight industry.

In addition to moving freight by land and air, freight by water is always an option. Also make sure to read about:

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Moving freight by road
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