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Trade Opportunities in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Port

The global financial climate has been a volatile one for investors in recent years, but with recoveries come opportunities. Barcelona with its coastal location, large port and as a city which is very popular with business people, given its excellent weather, hotels and conference facilities, is a city which is worth considering for investment. Below we look further at the opportunities in Barcelona.


Barcelona boasts a very sizeable tourism industry and is a city rich in history and culture which boasts several gorgeous beaches and has the weather to match. Property prices dropped in the recession and prices remain quite a bit lower than there were at their peak. Apartments tend to rent relatively easily in the centre of Barcelona and can be an investment worth making.


The vineyards around Barcelona, especially in Penedès, are renowned for their high quality. This area is the home of the world famous cava and specialist wine shops. If you are interested in exporting wines or being involved with the wine industry, this is an interesting to consider exploring.


The long hour of sunshine provide the perfect climate for many fruits such as oranges and other citrus fruits. There is also a a fast increasing market for non-Spanish restaurants in Barcelona, whilst food products created in Barcelona are perfect for specialist food shops in other countries. There is a distinct style to Catalan and to Spanish food which is popular worldwide, especially if you can find a product which is not already heavily exported.

Port of Spain

Sending Freight from UK to Spain

If you are planning on transporting freight from the United Kingdom to Spain, there are several factors that you will need to consider before proceeding. Sea freight is one of the most common methods of sending goods to Spain and most exporters tend to send freight into Barcelona, Valencia, Santander, Coruna or Gijon ports for distribution or for exporting from Spain. You do also though have to option to send freight and crgo from the UK to Santander and then by road or rail (use inter-modal freight).

It is important that you use a freight agency such as RSJ International who are familiar with the logistics of transporting goods into Spain in order to ensure that your goods pass through correctly. Spain has a well regulated system when it comes to freight and it is important to have all your paperwork in order for your consignment to be transported from origin to destination without any problems.

You can also use air freight to get your goods into Spain, especially if you are transporting fragile goods or perishables. The country has many airports, many of which are host to cargo flights from the UK. Although air freight from the UK to Spain is considered to be expensive, it can work out to be the most economic mode of transport if you are transporting perishables in small volumes.

When transporting goods from the UK to Spain it is important to ensure that you comply with all the country’s rules and regulations in regards to shipping hazardous materials, firearms, artefacts and chemical substances. You may require a special license if you are transporting goods beyond a certain weight limit so it is important to be well aware of the all the stipulated requirements and have the proper documents to back it up. If you are transporting goods to some of the more underdeveloped regions in Spain, you may be required to have your documents in the Spanish language.

Visiting Barcelona and the Port area

The Port of Barcelona famously underwent an extensive renovation in 1992 when the city hosted the Olympic Games and today, it is a district that is beloved by locals and tourists alike. What was once an abandoned wasteland is now a vibrant community, with business and leisure facilities as well as tourist attractions. All along the port area, you can not only enjoy beaches and water sports, but also cultural attractions such as the Catalonia History Museum, the city Aquarium and even local sculptures, such as that of a large bronze whale designed by legendary architect Frank Gehry. The aquarium, in particular, is one of Barcelona's most popular attractions with its large collection of marine life, including sharks, all housed in its unique transparent building.

The heart of the Olympic Port is, of course, the marina which is home to the city's collection of yachts and sail boats. During the summer, the port comes alive as the affluent un-moor their vessels to sail them up and down the Catalan Coast. Due to the large number of attractions, the Olympic Port area has a host of hotels, including the impressive Mapfre and Arts Hotels, as well as restaurants and bars that visitors use on their way to and from the Icaria and Barceloneta beaches.

The Mapfre and Barcelona Arts Hotels were built as part of the Olympic Village in 1992, but are now a 5-star hotel and office building. Their skyscraper design makes them easily identifiable landmarks in the Port area for tourists. If you are visiting Barcelona and want also to get some Barcelona FC football tickets then it is highly recommended as a good experience in the city. If you flying over for business, Barcelona International airport is your best option.

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