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Recent reports in the media show that Europe is now finally out of recession, a welcome piece of news for everyone in the freight industry. If you are looking to start up a new business importing or exporting goods across Europe, make sure to read our new page on setting up a business in Bristol, UK.

There are many excellent shows which take place each year for those involved with the freight and logistics industry and these shows are wonderful for creating leads and partnerships. One such show is the The International Logistics & Material Handling Exhibition. Just added - you might want also to consider the photographic industry given that this is a sector which is often ignored by freight companies, yet can provide a significant amount of business.

To close the year, we take a look at export opportunities in Thailand and the world of fishing - an industry which is commercially a great opportunity for freight forwarders. Also why not read about transportion freight shows.

The United States always remains an important country for us freight companies and this month we take a look at the U.S. and moving freight by rail. We also discuss how to get a job in Port Management and the MENA RAIL Show in the UAE.

This month we take a look at business opportunities in Belgium and then discuss the Factory Show in Thailand (an event which is great for freight forwarders looking for new business).

This month we focus on rail freight, a sector which means some great opportunities for us freight companies. Make sure to read our article on the best rail industry events.

Olympic fever has hit the UK and as the gold medals flood in, business goes on in the freight world. Make sure to read about the Zagreb Transportation Show and read about some of the best freight shows annually.

If you have reason to do business in France, you might be interested in our tips on on Paris culture. We also this month take a look at the Euro Bus Expo.

This month we highlight the very popular internationally attended INTERMACH Exhibition which takes place annually in Thailand and is a great source of business for many freight companies and great place also for networking for leads. We also take a look at Industrie Paris, one of the best shows in France each year for industry and design.

In the latest of our look at doing business in different countries and cultures, this month a look at doing business in Venice Italy and some tips for etiquette. Are you also looking to move oil equipment and rigs? In our latest events section we also this month take a look at the annual Kitchen and Bath Expo which is a popular show each year in the South America region.

With Spring upon us, the summer months are edging closer and the Olympics should provide a lot of freight opportunities for those who deal with the UK market. Make sure to read our article on London 2012 Olympics opportunities. This month we also take a look at the Inter Modal South America event - an event which is extremely handy for freight companies dealing in the Americas.

Greece last night backed the latest round of austerity measures that needed to passed through the Greek government. This positive news and the recent stats that show that the UK may in fact avoid a double dip recession, given that we might hit 0.1% growth for this quarter is welcome news. All good news is welcome for everyone in the freight industry.

We have moved some of our older freight news archives into a new folder and also archived some of your articles on the freight industry.

Happy New Year to all of our friends in the Freight and Logistics industry and let us hope that the economy can begin to recover in the 2nd half of the year. For those of you looking for new opportunities, we take a look at Inter modal freight in Thailand and the Asia Boat Show.

Brazil is one country we are starting to hear a lot about given that the country is one of the fastest growing economies in South American. Brazil will also hold the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. We take a look at import opportunities from Brazil. We also take a look at the New York Boat Show, one of the worlds leading boat shows and a popular show with freight companies, given the freight opportunities to move yachts across the world.

The economy was on the way up and now seems to be stagnating. We take a look at the considerations facing the freight industry and also a look ahead to the 2012 version of Metro Rail Asia - one of the top events each year for the freight industry.

Special Warning! - Unfortunately with the Internet comes opportunities for fraud. A quick message for anyone receiving emails offering jobs with RSJ International.

This month we take a look at Freight Forwarding terminology and what is happening in the industry and this month freight event spotlight, takes us to the Automotive Logistics Global show. Make sure also to read our look at water freight for those look looking to learn more basics about the freight and shipping industry.

Trade figures in the UK and around Europe have slowed a little in the last month but business goes on and there is plenty happening with the freight sector, including with the London 2012 Olympics now less than 1 year away. This month make sure to read our new pages on the Offshore Brazil event and about starting a UK Export or Import business.

This month we take a look at moving freight to the Middle East and discuss the Queensland Materials Handling show in Australia - an event at which many freight companies find some good clients.

Another freight service you might be interested in, if you are a business owner is the idea of Drop Shipping. Learn about the benefits of drop shipping and also why not consider attending the Annual Transport Logistic China?

Data coming from the UK government this week suggest that growth in industry is gradually rising and a double dip recession is really looking unlikely now, despite the bail out which looks as though Portugal will need. The Portugal bail out can be seen as positive for business given that it was always a matter of when and not if, Portugal would need help. The fact that a country such as Portugal or Ireland start to put into place the restrictions, strategy and planning to begin to overcome their financial problems is seen my many economists as positive to the step forward for Europe. This is hopefully all good news for us all and for the freight industry.

Tips on packaging freight has been added the the articles area and transportation exhibitions are detailed on the latest events page. Transportation is a sector which has a huge impact on freight movement and for this reason, these shows attract the freight industry en masse.

Many freight related companies tend to be present at National Manufacturing Week, whilst moving industrial freight is a subject which might also interest you. One upcoming event you might also be interested in is Post Expo.

Learn about one of RSJ's latest ventures and moving transatlantic rowing equipment to the Canary Isles.

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