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Guide to Freight Technology in 2022

The technology used to transport freight and cargo has undergone significant changes in recent years.

The development of new materials and the increasing use of computers have revolutionized the way goods are moved around the world.

Manifest Exchange System (MES) vs Advanced Shipping Information System (ASIS)

One of the most important changes has been the move away from using paper manifests to track shipments.

The Manifest Exchange System (MES) was introduced in the early 1990s and allowed for electronic tracking of shipments.

This system was later replaced by the Advanced Shipping Information System (ASIS), which is now used by most major shipping companies.

ASIS and Cloud Based Systems

ASIS is an Advanced Shipping Information System that allows users to track and manage their shipments in real-time.

The system provides visibility into the shipping process, from origin to destination, and gives users the ability to monitor their supply chain in real-time.

ASIS also allows users to create and manage shipping documents, such as bills of lading, invoices, and labels.

The system is designed to streamline the shipping process and improve efficiency. ASIS is used by a variety of industries, including manufacturing, logistics, retail, and e-commerce. ASIS is available in both cloud-based and on-premises versions.

Cloud-based ASIS offers the benefits of scalability and flexibility, while on-premises ASIS provides the benefits of security and control.

Barcodes and RFID Tags

Another major change has been the introduction of barcodes and RFID tags.

These tags can be attached to containers or individual items, and they allow for real-time tracking of shipments.

This information can be used to improve the efficiency of the supply chain and to identify potential problems.

Computers and Freight

The use of computers has also had a major impact on freight and cargo transport.

Computers can be used to track shipments, to schedule deliveries, and to route shipments.

They can also be used to monitor the condition of goods during transport.

The increasing use of technology has led to the development of new types of freight and cargo vehicles.

These include container ships, tanker trucks, and specially-designed trains.

The introduction of these new types of vehicles has made it possible to move large quantities of goods more quickly and efficiently.

As the world becomes increasingly connected, the need for efficient freight and cargo transport will continue to grow. The use of new technologies will play a major role in meeting this demand.

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