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Business Opportunities in China for UK companies

For many UK companies the foundations are at home as this is where these companies make their bread and butter. Despite this, there are numerous opportunities abroad for these companies to take advantage. This applies in terms of consumer markets, the supply of materials and the supply of labour. One of the most popular countries to obtain services such as this is China, which whilst far away, has one of the largest economies, populations and economies in the world. Below are some of the business opportunities for UK companies in China.

Education and China

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and there is a constant demand in foreign countries for people to teach it. Whether you go out as a freelance tutor or if you set up a company offering a network of tutors, there is money to be paid in this field. The Chinese population will pay decent money to learn English as they recognise the importance of English in exploring international opportunities.

Wine Exports to China

There has been a move in recent years in China of people moving away from grain based alcohols such as large and stout and partaking in healthier alcoholic beverages such as wine. With wine not being a traditional Chinese product there is scope for a wine expert to go out and educate the Chinese people in this field or even to launch a brand of wine.

Labour Costs

One of the most attractive elements of doing business in and with China is the fact that labour can be acquired at considerably lower costs than here in the UK. The benefit of this is that spending less on labour means more money going straight to the bottom line, especially as the cheap labour is still of good quality.

Internet development

China is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, indeed they are one of the frontrunners in terms of technological advancements. There is a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of e-commerce and web site development which can be taken advantage of out here for a much lower rate than can be acquired in the UK.

Sports Kits

With lower material costs, cheaper labour and a wealth of resources, it is no surprise that a number of sports kit manufacturers base themselves in China. Even with the reasonably high costs associated with shipping the goods back to the UK or elsewhere in the world, there is still a good amount of profit to be made in this field.

If you are dealing with China you can find exhibitions for Chinese events and for freight guidance RSJ from Bristol.

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