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MALAYSIA Freight Forwarding Services

Business in Malaysia

Another key area in the Asian Pacific region which RSJ International can help you with if you are sending freight from the UK and other countries worldwide, is Malaysia.

Malaysia continues to be a country which is popular for many companies involved with the import and export industry. Manufacturing, agricultural and natural products such as oil, gas, iron and copper all continue to be popular.

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Guide To Sending Freight To/From Malaysia For Business

Malaysia’s proximity to Singapore, the diversity of the population and the availability of ports has created a large demand for freight transport to and from the country. If you are considering sending and receiving business related freight to or from Malaysia, here is a guide to help you establish your business in this country.

When sending freight to Malaysia for business purposes, it is important that you are in possession of all the documentation and licenses required by Malaysian laws. You will also be required to follow the country’s code of items permitted to be Business in Malaysiaimported and exported.

The main difference between freight that is sent for business and freight for personal items is that the quantity of goods being shipped is larger in business consignments. Business freight to Malaysia is usually divided into equipment shipments and cargo for trade purposes; the country sees different types of goods imported and exported for business purposes such as perishables like food and beverages, equipments and heavy machinery and raw materials for industries.

Malaysia has one of the most lucrative economies for trade and commerce in South East Asia and boasts several freight companies and export and import businesses involved in international trade.

Since factory equipment and machines used for industries are not manufactured in Malaysia, such items have to be transported into the country. Coupled with the rise in the number of factories and other industries in Malaysia, all of which require equipment, the demand for heavy equipment has risen to create a great market for industrial equipment freight in Malaysia.

This equipment can be shipped to Malaysia either by ship, road or air, depending on the urgency of the demand. Multimodal transport is recommended for consignments of industrial machinery and equipment, especially if the goods are not required immediately. Since industrial machinery tends to be bulky, special equipment is needed for their transport. Additionally, this kind of cargo requires extra documentation and space for maintenance and repair once it reaches this country.

Much of the export from Malaysia is in the form of food, which is perishable, and so requires special treatment when transporting. Other supplies like medical goods and meats also require refrigeration during transport to and from Malaysia. Since it is possible to transport this kind of freight in smaller containers, it is less expensive than the transport of heavy machinery. Importing goods into Malaysia typically attracts a customs fee and it is a good idea to be informed on all the taxes and documentation required before entering into the import-export business with Malaysia.

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